Crit Results 09.12.2015


Women’s Crit Results

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 1st Junior 1st C Grader
A Grade Joanne Hogan (SKCC) Prudence Rothwell (SKCC) Anna Booth (SKCC) Seda Camgoz Posselt (HCC)
B Grade Nur Azrenna Ahmed Jury (Malaysia) Catalina Soto(BWK) Farina Shawati Mohd Adnan (Malaysia) Sarah Gigante (BWK) Kate Lewis (HCC) Lilianne McClimont (SKCC)


Crit Results

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 1st Woman
A Grade Cyrus Monk (Melb Uni) Ross Gordon (CCCC) Patrick Drapac (BWK) Sean Evans (Randwick)
B Grade Dylan Benson (HCC) Angus Collins (BWK) Charlie Barber (HCC) Julian Buckley (HCC)
C Grade Matt Muscat (SKCC) Tim Mistarz (HCC) Russell Lee (CCCC) Nicholas Kenyon (HCC) Rachel Ward
D Grade Matthew Johnson (SKCC) Paul Cruse (SKCC) Thomas Ward (HCC) Jeremy Wee (HCC)
Juniors Max Vidovich Ed Sutton Marcus Christiansan



Name Club Grade from Grade to
Angus Collins Brunswick B A
Tim Mistarz Hawthorn C B
Russell Lee Carnegie Caulfield C B


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