Crit Results 15.02.2017


 Crit Results

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 1st Junior 1st Woman
A Grade Sascha Bondarenko-Edwards (CCCC) Carter Turnbull (SKCC) Cameron Clamp (MCL Adrian Jackson (Dirt Riders)
B Grade Henry Dietze (BWK) Gergory Thorne (MCL) Anakin Williams (CCCC) Raymond Hunter (BWK)
C Grade Stephen Price (SKCC) Ben Jones (CCCC) Aaron Pinkus (HCC) Connor Rate (CCCC) Verita Stewart (HCC)
D Grade James Anthony (BWK) Cameron Neil (HCC) Mark Hapke (BBN) Andrew O’Keefe (HCC) Zak Kelly (HCC) Amy Holmes (HCC)
Junior A Grade Gianni Catalano Daniel O’Malley Toby Smith
Junior B Grade Eaman Sherwell
Victor Deng Josh Kelman


Name Club Grade from Grade to
Henry Dietze Brunswick B A
Gregory Thorne Melbourne Cycling League B A
Stephen Price St Kilda C B
Connor Rate Carnegie Caulfield C B

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