Crit Results 16.12.2015


 Crit Results

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 1st Junior 1st Woman
A Grade Alexander Morgan (BBC) Morgan Smith (MCL) Cameron Clamp (MCL) Alastair Christie-Johnston (HCC)  Patrick Butler (BWK)
B Grade Jack French (HCC) Chris Dick (HCC) Michael Dunn (HCC) John Czechowski (HCC)  Charlie Barber (HCC)  Lisen Hockings (SKCC)
C Grade John Humphries  (SKCC) Nicholas Kenyon (HCC) Rich Kirk (SKCC) Liam Hapke (BBC) Matt Bufardeci (HCC)  Anna Booth (SKCC)
D Grade Paul Cruse (SKCC) Jason Howitt (SKCC) Aaron Keefe (SKCC) Daniel Samways (SKCC) Patrick Gibbs (BWK)  Kristina Vouros (HCC)


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