The HCC Men’s Program

Objective and Overview

The Men’s Program is a new initiative for HCC in 2015. The program is focused on helping and supporting male HCC members (18 years and older) achieve their racing objectives and goals, be that:

  • Taking their first steps in racing – road (including criterium), time trial and track disciplines;
  • Improving their racing craft and fitness;
  • Expanding the range of racing disciplines they participate in;
  • Reaching their goals, be it Northern Combine, Sunday Roasts, Open Events or beyond.

Initially the program consists of:

  • Providing Contact People for the various race series and races that HCC members participate in. Members wanting information about a race will have someone they contact to get the information they are after;
  • Weekly Training sessions – to provide members with group training sessions to improve their fitness and get to meet and mix with others; and
  • A Men’s Program group on Team App, our main communication channel, so members can keep in touch and up to date with program and racing related events.

As the year progresses, we will add further elements to the program, which are likely to include:

  • Additional training and skills sessions;
    Come and try sessions; and
    A racing resources guide, providing a range of useful information and links to other resources.


Training and Social Rides

The following training rides are currently held on a regular basis:

  • Thursday mornings 6AM – Meet at the intersection of Bridge St Richmond and Yarra Boulevard (also referred to as the Richmond Boulevard) for a one hour intense session with coffee afterwards. Co-ordinated by Nick Chadderton and Stuart Vaughan; and
  • Sunday Mornings 7AM – Meet at the roundabout at the very top of Burke Rd in Ivanhoe for the Northern Hills ride out to St Andrews, via Research and Warrandyte and return via Kangaroo Ground and Eltham. Coffee is at St Andrews about 2/3 into the ride. This ride usually has a mix of racing and recreational members. It’s a medium to hard ride of around 90km with lots of relatively short steep climbs. It’s one of those rides where it’s up to you how hard you go. Co-ordinated by Laurie Lovelock.

Our regular social ride, in common with the rest of the Club, is the Town Haul which leaves Richmond Town Hall at 7:10AM on Saturday mornings. Further details can be found at <insert link to Town Haul info page here>.


The Men’s Program sub – committee

Members of the sub-committee are:

  • David Hendy – Co-ordinator
  • Nick Chadderton
  • Julian Del Beato
  • Tim Hoffman
  • Dimitri LeFleur
  • Will Norling
  • Chris Papakostas
  • VK Poon
  • Stuart Vaughan
  • Gavin Wright


For further information on the HCC Men’s Program please contact David Hendy via

Contact People: A number of sub-committee members have volunteered to act as points of contact to provide members with information on various types of racing. The information includes: what events are coming up, where an event is being held, how to get there, what to do when you arrive, the style of racing, tips and traps about the race and / or course and other HCC members who may be competing.

The Contact People for the various types of racing are:

  • Team Events (road, time trial and track) – Gavin Wright;
  • VRS and Open Events – Will Norling;
  • Northern Combine Races –Mark Bailey and Chris Papakostas
  • Individual Time Trial Events – Nick Chadderton and Dimitri LaFleur
  • Track racing – TBA

For privacy reasons we do not publish members’ contact details. If you don’t have the contact details for the Contact Person you want to get in touch with, please email David Hendy ( and he will arrange for the relevant Contact Person to get in touch with you.