HCC Club Crit Champs 2016


You asked for it and now you have got it.  The HCC club champs will be held on the 30th March at the Teardrop and it is for HCC members only.

Entry consists of answering a few quick questions via the link below then paying the $10 entry fee at the desk. You can enter at the desk only but it makes life a lot easier for all of us if you tell us you are coming. Remember to bring your license.

Race grades and times are as follows:

Grade Approximate Start Time
Junior B 5:30pm
Junior A 5:32PM
D Grade 6:00PM
B Grade 6:02PM
Women’s B & C Grade 6:40PM
Women’s A 6:42PM
C Grade 7:20PM
A Grade 7:22PM


Remember to bring your lights.  It will be dark when you start riding home

On line entries close on Tuesday night at 6:00pm

Enter here : http://goo.gl/forms/WUJvZDVCu7


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