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HCC’s Committee Supports AusCycling

There has been a lot of discussion and activity recently around AusCycling. AusCycling is the initiative driven and supported by Cycling Australia, Mountain Bike Australia and BMX Australia to bring together the administration of the four cycling disciplines (BMX, mountain biking, road and track) across Australia.

A number of your committee members have reviewed the AusCycling reports and other related documentation; participated in AusCycling Road Show events and attended meetings on AusCycling with Victorian Cycling Clubs and CV.

As a committee, we believe that AusCycling will mean, for HCC members and others:
• Cycling is more accessible and cost effective by introducing one race licence that covers all disciplines;
• Cycling has a louder, unified and more effective voice in lobbying for better outcomes for members regardless of the type of bike they ride;
• Doing away with the shortcomings of having 19 separate administrative organisations, with 19 plans and sets of priorities; and
• The single administrative body can provide more of the specialist support clubs and members are seeking; tackling both the strategic issues and providing grass roots support from the existing offices around the country.

Follow the link for detailed Information on AusCycling. See the Cycling Tips article for an overview of AusCycling and the positions of various stakeholder organisations:
The next step for the AusCycling initiative is to put the initiative to a vote and voting takes place from late October through to 21st of December. For the road and track disciplines, voting is at a club level; i.e. CA affiliated clubs cast their votes; HCC will be voting, along with other Victorian Clubs on Saturday 9th November.

At our last committee meeting (Tuesday 15th October) the Committee discussed AusCycling and passed a motion to vote in favour of the initiative. The key reasons your committee supports AusCycling are:
• We see benefits for our members in having one administrative body covering all cycling disciplines;
• AusCycling is an opportunity to advance cycling in Australia by reducing the fractured nature of cycling today and increasing the lobbying influence through a single body;
• While not directly relevant for most club members, having one administrative body covering all disciplines aligns with the UCI who only deal with one body in each country. Currently MTBA and BMXA don’t have a direct voice with the UCI;
• The AusCycling model includes State / Territory Councils to provide a voice to the Board on state-based issues and positions.

The Committee recognises that major restructures of any sport, industry or organisation will have challenges; there is no perfect organisation. However, we believe that AusCycling when bedded down will be a significant improvement on the current state. We also acknowledge that, like most restructures, the transition has not been fully mapped and planned to the absolute detail; we believe this is reasonable and sensible.

In summary, this is an opportunity that we (clubs and members) should embrace and support; otherwise it will be many years before another opportunity to make significant improvements comes around and cycling will be in a worse place as a result.

There are growing numbers of cycling organisations who support the initiative, including all the three national bodies (CA, MTBA and BMXA), a number of state bodies including CV and Bicycle Network. It is also worth noting that there are a number of respected commentators and cycling greats who have come out in support of AusCycling including: Matt Keenan, Wade Wallace of Cycling Tips  and Scott McGrory (see last paragraph of the first article).

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