Do you tear it up at the Summer crits? Or is it Road racing that you’re in to? Or perhaps Beach Road on the weekend is more your style? Whatever you do in the saddle, Physiohealth can keep you doing it.

PhysioHealth practitioner, Aine O’Connor, can also offer you a bike fit adjustment service, where she can have a good look at your position on the bike and adjust it for your unique body type or injuries. She can assist you to recover from existing injuries and minimise the potential for recurrent or future injury. It’s bike fit adjustment from a physiotherapy point of view.

She’s used to treating patients in their Knicks at our clinics but don’t leave your pride and joy on the street. Check out the new practice at 308 High Street, Kew. All members receive discounted services just by showing your Cycling Australia membership card. Give them a call on 9853 2224 to make an appointment and find out more.

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