Program Information

Rec Riding Sub Committee (RRSC)

The Rec Riding Sub Committee was formed in 2014 and is generally made up of 6 volunteers who represent a cross-section of the club. The committee meets monthly to co-ordinate the program and plan rides.

A listing of the current committee members can be found in the [Contacts] section.

The committee can be contacted directly at or openly in our TeamApp chat room.

Ride Planning

Our rides are generally scheduled to run fortnightly during warmer months and monthly during winter. They are typically run on Sunday mornings, but in some cases a Saturday or Public Holiday may be selected. Pre-ride information is published on TeamApp at least 1-2 weeks prior to the ride date.

Ride Registration

Riders are not required to register for our Rec Rides unless specifically necessary for a ride. However they are encouraged to indicate their interest in the Recreational Ride Group chat room on TeamApp to assist with planning.

Feature Rides

The [HCC Rec Riding Calendar] features a number of “feature” rides which are run annually, such as the Club Champs Rec Ride. See the [Feature Rides] section for details.

Regular Rides

The Rec Riding Program does not yet feature a regularly recurring ride, however plans are currently being formed to establish one.

Town Haul

Although not organised by the HCC, a weekly Saturday morning bunch ride known as the Town Haul is attended by many HCC members each week.

The ride leaves the Richmond Town Hall at 7.10 am each Saturday. It is a medium pace group ride to Black Rock with a pace usually around 30-32km/h. Riders can choose to continue to Mordialloc or turn at Black Rock.

From Black Rock to Mordialloc the ride is a sprint with a fast pace return. There is a regroup at the Parker’s Road kiosk (opposite where Parkers Rd meets Beach Rd) after turning at Mordialloc. If the pace is too fast riders can sit at the back of the group and turn around early to re-join on the return trip.

There is a second regroup at the corner of Kerferd Road for everyone to ride together to the café.

Coffee is at Clover and Rye on Bridge Road.

Communication & Media

The primary channel for pre-ride information for the Rec Riding Program is TeamApp.

Some important ride information is repeated on the club’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, and ride photos will generally be published to Facebook, however TeamApp is where riders should look for the latest ride information and up-to-date news.


HCC members are recommended to sign up for TeamApp as the clubs primary collaboration platform. Once registered recreational riders must subscribe to the Recreational Ride Group Access Group to view information about upcoming Rec Rides.

Pre-ride Information is shared via News, Events, and the Recreational Ride Group chat room on TeamApp.


The Rec Riding Program has a group on Strava that HCC members can join.

Mass Participation Rides

The Rec Riding Program does not co-ordinate club participation in mass participation rides. However we do share dates and other high level information about rides such as the Cycling Victoria Challenge Series.

More information is available in the [HCC Rec Riding Calendar].

Ride Suggestions

We love to hear route suggestions from our members! Get in touch via TeamApp or send an email to

The best way to suggest a ride is to send us a link to a route map that you’ve mapped out or completed.

Here is an example of a mapped route on RideWithGPS.

Here is an example of a completed ride record on Strava.

Volunteer to Help

The Rec Riding Program is 100% run by volunteers. Thus any thoughts or support from members is very welcome. Some examples of ways to contribute include:

  • Lead or Co-Lead a ride (no qualifications required)
  • Write a review of a ride
  • Take photos during a ride (please send to or share on social media)
  • Support a ride weekend
  • Join the Rec Riding Sub Committee