Communication to Members – Recommencing Club Activities


Since the release of the national and state covid roadmaps, the club committee has been working on our own plans to restart club activities.

Group rides, coaching and velo training sessions will resume inline with Phase C of the National reopening plan (80% of 16+, fully vaccinated). Currently this is expected to be around November 5. In line with the Victorian Roadmap’s requirements, our current understanding is that all participants will need to be fully vaccinated. We will be expanding the current programs with details to be announced in the coming weeks.

We are yet to make a decision on a start date for the summer criterium series at the Teardrop, but hope to have a date soon. Beyond the expected approval for community sport to recommence (expected around November 5) and the anticipated need for all participants to be fully vaccinated, there are a number of operational aspects to work through, including:

  • Liaising with AusCycling to ensure the way we will run our crits complies with requirements.  AusCycling is working closely with the Victorian Government to understand the requirements as they apply to cycling events. As mentioned during Sunday’s press conference, the government will provide event organisers (large and small) further clarity in coming weeks on operational requirements for events.
  • Ensuring we have enough volunteers; we’re pretty sure we’re going to need some more help! The pandemic has caused lots of changes in peoples’ lives. Some are working different hours while others have relocated and won’t be able to make it to crits every week.  There is also the risk of volunteers not being able to turn up if they are isolating.  If you are willing to be on the volunteer list, please contact Gary at
  • We want to give everyone a chance to be back familiar with riding in bunches before coming into a race situation.  Safe racing is our priority.
  • Understanding the responsibilities and implications of the possibility of the Teardrop and crits being declared an exposure site / event.
  • We also need to make sure we have all the necessary Parks Vic, police and council sign offs.

We will keep you posted on progress and hope to see you all soon!


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