Resources & Links

The following information and links relating to coaching, training and bike things in general has been provided for members use.  In providing the information HCC is not endorsing, promoting or vouching for the information, books or services listed below.  Members need to assess the applicability and suitability of the information, books and services to their individual needs.

Currently (May 2016) HCC Members with coaching accreditation and capacity to take on additional athletes include:

  • Angelo Gasparini
  • Ben Douglas
  • Nick Chadderton


Other coaching contacts:

The Hurt Box (David Sturt, Michael Gallagher, Lisa Hanley and Harry Hanley)
Email  –
Phone – 0427 456 225

Donna Meehan
Email  –
Phone – 0414 476 369

Links to HCC Presentations:


Links to websites and blogs relating to training:


Links to websites relating to climb and course profiles and information:


A few books on training and coaching:

  • Performance Cycling – The Science of Success – Edited by James Hopker and Simon Jobson
  • Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan
  • The Masters Athlete by Dr Peter Reaburn
  • Cycling Past 50 by Joe Friel


Links to websites and blogs on equipment reviews, hints and tips and bike stuff in general: