The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal Crit


The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal Crits

When & Where

  • Fri, 14 Apr 2017
  • The Kew Boulevard Teardrop


  • There are three events as part of this race: Open, Women’s and Juniors.
  • Junior races are intended for categories J13 through J17.
  • Venue: Upper Loop of the Yarra Boulevard KEW, also known as “The Teardrop”. (Mel Ref: 44 G4)
  • To enter click here

Important Notes

  • Competitors MUST attend race briefing for each grade.
  • Note: Events may be cancelled if conditions are hazardous due to wet roads or other unforeseen circumstances.


  • Licences are required.
  • You must have your current CA licence with you on the day, or paperwork from CA confirming you have a licence. Licences will need to be presented at registration to pick up your race number.
  • 3 Day Race Licences can be purchased on-line if you do not have a current CA licence.
  • HCC operate a strict no licence, no race policy.

Entry window

  • Entries open 9 am Saturday (1st April) morning prior to the race until 6 pm Thursday (13th April) evening.

Entry fee

  • Seniors A B C D (men & women) online entry: $25.50 (no discount for juniors racing in seniors race)
    Juniors A B online entry: $10.50
  • Prices include 50c payment card fee.
  • Any entries taken on the day will be $30.

Start times



Start time

Junior A

25min + 3 laps 1:00pm
Junior B

25min + 3 laps

Men D grade

25min + 3 laps

Men B grade

35min + 3 laps


Women A grade

40min + 3 laps

Women B&C grade

30min + 3 laps

Men C grade

30min + 3 laps


Men A grade

45min + 3 laps



If you raced at HCC’s Kew circuit this season you will be expected to race in the same grade you have this season. Lack of training is everyone’s reason to go down a grade, and doesn’t wash with the handicapper. If you have another justifiable reason to change grades please email at least two days prior to your intended race and we will evaluate your request.

If you race at another location in Melbourne please enter for the same grade at the HCC Kew races.

It is the responsibility of each rider to enter into the correct grade, not the person at the entry desk to catch them out. If the race committee is made aware that a rider has entered into a lower grade, and this is confirmed, then they will be disqualified and any win or place money forfeited.

If you are not sure which grade to race, discuss this with the handicapper or the desk entry person who will grade you.

Field Limits

  • There will be a limit of 40 riders in each grade.

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