Vale Alf Walker


Vale Alf Walker

We wish to pay our respects to the much loved Alf Walker of Brunswick Cycle Club who has sadly passed away.

Alf, a member of Brunswick Cycle Club, literally dedicated his life to cycling. Alf’s achievements are too many to list, a man that literally touched thousands of hearts over many decades – State Road Champion in the 1950’s; Olympic Team Manager Barcelona 1992 and perhaps most importantly a driving force behind junior cycling. In 1986 Alf was made a life member of Cycling Australia.

An example of Alf’s dedication to junior racing – last year hearing that we were holding our first Hawthorn Junior Road Champs, Alf who had been rushed to emergency by his doctor on the Thursday, was there on the side of the road at cold, wet and windy Gisborne on Saturday morning to ensure the juniors were looked after.

Alf was always good for a story and had many to tell including racing on the Hawthorn Velodrome against the Angus brothers and Ian Browne, in the days the Hawthorn Velodrome was a dirt surface.

Cam MacFarlane, perhaps captures the enormity of Alf’s contributions better:

“In the 1970’s he taught me how, as a young man to behave.

The 1980’s… How to be a responsible adult.

The 1990’s… The pride of giving back to your sport, your club.

The 2000’s… The importance of being impartial when coaching and officiating.

The 2010’s… Build, plan and provide for the future. Life Lessons learned.”

Thank you Alf and thank you also to his beautiful wife Joan, another huge supporter of junior cycling.


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