Velodrome and clubrooms carpark is being lost to building development


The car park that services our velodrome and clubrooms is being lost to a neighbouring building development by Homes Victoria as it is on State Government Land.

The club has been working with officers from Homes Victoria and Boroondara Council to plan and construct a new car park that can continue to serve our club activities.

The Hawthorn Cycling Club was in agreement with the recommendations made by the officers of both Homes Victoria and Boroondara Council, that the new car park be located on the flat area to the east of the velodrome – Patterson Reserve.

In an effort to preserve open space, the Boroondara Councilors have voted against the recommendations and instead, chosen to locate the new car park on the step incline of the Robinson Rd entrance to the velodrome. A location that is not compliant with Australian Standards and the Disability Discrimination Act.

  • That the congregation of cars and cyclists on such a challenging slope poses an extreme safety risk.
  • The slope will make it exceptionally difficult and dangerous to unload/load your bicycle and equipment from your car. Those of us who are shorter may in fact find it impossible.
  • The flat banking makes the Hawthorn velodrome a preferred training space for disabled athletes. A training session run by the great team at Inclusive Sports Training includes up to 80 athletes with a wide range of disabilities. A car park located on the Robinson Rd slope will be unusable by the athletes and lock them out from the sport they love.
  • Ignoring the Australian Standards and Disability Discrimination Act is unconscionable. We expect our elected leaders to not only champion these minimum standards but to rise above them.

The Hawthorn Cycling Club is strongly against the decision taken by the Boroondara Council and intends to fight any attempt to place a single car park on the Robinson Rd hill.


If you live in Boroondara, and the access to the Velodrome is important to you, please contact the Councillor for your ward ahead of their next meeting on Monday night.


Bellevue Ward Councillor Cr Jim Parke
Cotham Ward Councillor Cr Felicity Sinfield
Gardiner Ward Councillor Cr Victor Franco
Glenferrie Ward Councillor Cr Wes Gault
Junction Ward Councillor Cr Di Gillies
Lynden Ward Councillor Cr Lisa Hollingsworth
Maling Ward Councillor Cr Jane Addis
Maranoa Ward Councillor Cr Cynthia Watson
Riversdale Ward Councillor Cr Susan Biggar
Solway Ward Councillor Cr Garry Thompson
Studley Ward Councillor Cr Nick Stavrou




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