Vicsports launch- Are you on Board


Since 2008 Hawthorn Cycling Club has been committed to increasing female participation in the cycling community. In Oct 2010, Liz Hall joined the club and by early 2011 she started work on setting up the women’s program, to only then be asked to join the committee in April 2011. Starting with a single female member working tirelessly to promote the club, we now have over 80 female members giving us one of the largest female membership bases in Australia.

Support to drive this increase in female participation was lead by HCC’s former Vice President and now President, Laurie Lovelock. In 2014, Laurie was rightfully recognised with a “Champions of Change” award by Cycling Victoria for his positive impact on women’s cycling.

His efforts to increase women’s involvement in cycling didn’t stop with offering a program tailored for women and an increased female membership base, it went beyond that to ensure a diverse club executive committee ; “we had a very successful women’s program, but a club that’s run by men. We didn’t feel that was very appropriate so we went out and actively recruited women for senior positions on the committee”.

We now have four women on the committee, making up 40% of the total committee members. With 25% of our members being female, that’s a pretty impressive achievement and as you can see by the Vicsports video below, our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

If you’re interested in supporting the continuing development of the Women@HCC program and diversity within the cycling community, please email



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