Volunteering at Hawthorn Cycling Club 

Volunteering has always been a big part of the Hawthorn culture and volunteers are the life blood of the Club.   We have a large number who allow us to run a wide range of events. So why volunteer?

  • Volunteering allows you to gain new skills
  • You will get a lot of satisfaction from an event well run
  • You will meet a new group of cycling enthusiasts
  • It provides an opportunity to give something back to the sport we love

The jobs that volunteers undertake are quite diverse. It may be simply volunteering at our weekly Criterium right through to running one of our programs. The major programs the club runs are:

  • Womens Cycling
  • Mens Cycling
  • Juniors
  • Recreational riding
  • Track
  • Race and event organisation

You may also wish to assist in a specialist area. Examples of this area, first aid, coaching or becoming a race commissaire. The club will pay for your training should you wish to undertake one of these

All you need to do is decide what area you would like to work in then think about whether you would like to be a casual volunteer or if you would like to be involved in the organisation of the area.

Send me an email at president@hawthorncycling.org and we will get it happening


Michael Dunn


Hawthorn Cycling Club